Peace Out Summer, Let’s Do This Fall.

Well summer is coming to close….but it’s the south.  That really means nothing other than periodically a few cooler days, then blazing hot, humid air, then when it gets closer to Christmas the weather people mention a chance of 32 degrees and moisture….all of our milk sandwiches are off the shelves at the store. But […]

From Nothing to Something

AAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH it’s been too long. I was reminded by this, when I received a yearly withdrawal from a checking account on the side and a nice overdraft fee, because I apparently haven’t put enough dough in that account. So here I am, with a reason to type.  The overdraft fee and the reminder I have […]

Crud, Steroids and Zac Efron?

Last week, came down with the sore throat, bull shit crud, everyone seems to be getting. Went to the doctor after a pity party and lots of whinnying. Steroid shot? No.  (I have a crazy reaction to shots…like you know, fainting. Or sheer panic) Steroid pills? Now we’re talkin. However, these steroid pills must have […]

November, December and F words.

Ahhhhhhh the holiday season is upon us.  (i.e. Thanksgiving (thank God that one is over), Hanukah, Kwanza, Christmas and the New Year.) For some, this time of year really sucks.  Because, you know that one F word, Family. Or that B word, Brother, or that S word, Sister, or that C word, Cousin, or that […]

Cul-de Sac Stories Part 2

Halloween is approaching.  The kids are super excited. I’m the parent that will give a 110% to going to as many doors and neighborhoods it takes, just to get my child’s pillow case to an acceptable level of candy. This is my time to show my kids the potential I have as their mother. Here […]

Fall in-love with comfort.

I’ve been craving for fall weather, AND my friends, it is finally here. Well, I say that loosely.  I do live in the South. It has literally been 70s degrees in the morning and by the day’s end there is a foot of snow before sun down.  This happened like in the 1980s, but still, […]